Marty N. Barker - 57

4/17/1960 - 3/2/2018

Rockford, Illinois


  • Ruby Hillburn

    1 week ago

    Marty you were so much to me for 20 yrs life will never be the same without you and sassy. I love you always and forever i will never forget you or the jokes you played on us all or all the holidays you put together for us. And you being by my side when i lost my mom son and husband. I pray for your friend Joel and Linda. And your family who was always around. RIP my friend and brother Marty
  • Betty Ostic

    6 days, 19 hours ago

    Marty, I will miss you along with so many of us at Valkommen Plaza.  I have known you for almost 30 years.  Your friendly, smiling face, along with your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten.  

    You served God well, my friend - farewell good and faithful servant.



  • Kandy Sanchez

    6 days, 8 hours ago

    Marty I'm still in shock you were a big part in my life for 30years you watched my kids & grandkids grow up when my Father passed in 1995 you helped me bury him you loved my daughter's & grandkids like they were your own..You seen me laugh & cry but was always there for me R.I.P. My friend in till we meet again oh & btw you gave all my daughter's their first jobs I managed a restaurant for you you taught me so much was always a Great Friend luv you in till we meet again!
  • Mary Hall

    5 days, 20 hours ago

    Marty, while I had only known you a few years I always enjoyed seeing your smiling face when I came to morning glory. I heard all the stories of your generosity and kindness. I was there when the call came through and am still in shock. Rest In Peace Marty. You served the community well and will never be forgotten.

  • David Cochran

    3 days, 19 hours ago

    You took such good care of my father, Russ Cochran and his wife Midge from Valkommen. If the weather was bad, you often called and asked what they wanted to eat and you would send someone for food delivery to the apartment.

    Your staff always took care of Dad and Midge and I believe that was a direct result of your kind heart. You will be missed by many more than you could ever imagine.


    Godspeed and RIP


    Dave Cochran

    Dallas Texas


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