Aleathea G. Breon - 94

2/22/1923 - 9/13/2017

Machesney Park, Illinois

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  • Ken Nelson

    on 09/17/17

    On Veterans Day 2010, Aleathea Breon and her husband, Earl, were guests of honor at the LZ Peace Memorial located at Midway Village in Rockford, Illinois. Earl spoke with pride of his military service during World War II serving in the U.S. Army in the European Theater. 


    Then he told of how he met Aleathea while on a 3-day pass in New Orleans and they got married on Christmas Day 1945. They were married for almost 70 years until Earl died in 2013 from injuries in a car accident.

    As you can see from these pictures Earl could still fit into his Army uniform years later and I bet Aleathea had a lot to do with that.


    Rest together in peace, Aleathea and Earl.

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