Kimberly C. Allen - 58

4/4/1959 - 4/30/2017

Rockford, Illinois


  • Elaine Wright

    on 05/03/17

    I will always remember that smile! Yes you would blow someone's hair back if they didn't get things done to your perfection. You did it with Love!!! I'm going to miss you Hulla!
  • Steve Wiggins

    on 05/03/17

    Dear Dave and Brandy, and extended family,

    UgggGGHHH! My heart breaks for you all as I process what you're going through and will be going through!

    I've been your neighbor for fifteen years. And in the ups and downs of regular life, you all consistently had set an example of decency and respect!

    There was never EVER a time when your behaviors ever set a standard of anything less than tremendous dignity, love, and respect for others! Truly, in my fifty-three years, and many living environments, I've never had better neighbors.

    Kim was a WONDERFUL lady...and ALWAYS a joy to speak with! It is just unfathomable that she is gone so young. And I'm SO SORRY for your pain and deep deep loss!!!

    I know your hearts are breaking. And I know there's no magic words.

    But please know, that you have always had, and always WILL have my utmost respect for your loving respectful ways, and for your deep and sincere, consistently demonstrated personal values.

    My heart reaches out to you all in this extremely difficult life moment.

    God rest her sweet soul. And the Lord be with you all!




    Steve Wiggins

  • Walter & Karla Lopez

    on 05/04/17

    Our sincere condolences to Brother Allen and Sister Joseph. May Jehovah give you the spiritual strength to endure this difficult time. I hope you find comfort in Jesus'words: "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life."-John 11:25 we look forward to seeing sister Allen again in the near future. With much love, Walter & Karla Lopez
  • Karen Polkowski

    on 05/04/17

    Family of Kim Allen, 

    I am so sorry for your loss. I did not have the opportunity to work with Kim directly but we did say hi from time to time. She was a very polite ,sweet women. She was always smiling and pleasant .She will be greatly missed here at Coram. My heart goes out to your whole family and you are in my prayers. 

    Karen Polkowski

  • Vanrea Roberts

    on 05/04/17

    To the Allen, Joseph and Family members, 

    Please accept my condolences. May Jehovah comfort you during this time and the days ahead.  

    Vanrea Roberts. 

  • Fred and Veda Hill

    on 05/04/17

    Brother Allen we are so sorry to hear about Sister Allen. Our heart goes out to you and your family in time of bereavement but the bible gives us a comforting scripture that we can look forward to at Revelations 21:4-5. The Hill Family
  • Esther Burton

    on 05/06/17

    We will see her in the resurrection! With Jehovah's help, you will get through the pain. Sorry for your loss.
  • Lucille Smart

    on 05/08/17

    To the Allen Family / Kevin Joseph Family

    My condolences go to both families for the loss of your dearly beloved one, Kim.  May God give you strength and courage to deal with your loss during this time of bereavement and the years that follow.



  • Sis. Lockhart

    on 05/09/17

    To my dear friends, I am so sorry for the loss of Sis. Allen. May our God Jehovah continue to blanket you with love and support. (Ps. 36:7) And may you take further comfort in the fact that Jehovah God is​ most righteous and so loving that He will never forget His loyal ones. (Acts 24:15)

  • Lowanda Lee

    on 05/12/17

    Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Death is never easy and it brings great sorrow. May you find comfort in friends, family, and Scriptures from God's Word. May the God of all comfort will help you endure this sad time, God cares for you. 1st Peter 5:7.
  • Jackson Family

    on 05/30/17

    we would like to express our deepest sympathy. May all your good memories out weigh your sadness during this difficult time.

    Isaiah 25:8

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