Margo J. Shifo - 65

4/23/1952 - 7/11/2017

Rockford, Illinois


  • Jean Spohn

    on 07/13/17

    Margo's accomplishments were numerous during her years as Assistant Superintendent. She headed up curriculum meetings, researched and facilitated a standard based report card, visited all the diocesan elementary schools for self studies and State Recognition, just to name a few of her responsibilities. Most importantly her love for God, her faith, her church, Catholic Schools and people of all ages was at the forefront of everything she did. She will be dearly missed. ❤️

  • Linda abd Casey Bezec

    on 07/13/17

    Tom, you and your entire family have our sincerest condolences on the loss of your sister. You are in our prayers. Linda and Casey
  • Linda Auman

    on 07/13/17

    Karen, my thoughts and prayers to you and your family in the death of Tom's sister.

    Peace be with you.


  • Karen

    on 07/13/17

     To Margo's family,

     I would like to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.   I worked with Margo (and Margaret) many years ago at Bergner's (it may have been called Chas. Weise's at the time).  Margo has such a wonderful sense of humor and was so very kind to me.   Over the years, I knew she made such a mark in the field of education and the ripple effect of her wonderful life will be felt for generations. 


  • Luci Nora

    on 07/13/17

    God creates and places caretakers in this world; Margo was one of His best. She had a second sense, naturally teaching people, always loving them first and encouraging them to be excellent. She put the comfort and well being of others before her own.  She was the shoulder to cry on, the ear that could listen, and the voice (more often than not) that knew exactly what to say.  There was no bigger heart than Margo's.

    I was honored to share in her compassion and enthusiasm for many of the projects of the Junior League of Rockford.  She touched the lives of many through the volunteers she inspired. Because of Margo, I became a teacher in my second career in life's journey.  She taught me by example.

    Her caring was unmatched,her smile radiant, and she will be missed.  Thank you, Margo!

  • Toni Burns

    on 07/14/17

    To Ms. Shifo's family,

    I had the pleasure of having her as a teacher at St. Pats.  I will never forget her, we would sneak off to lunch and one Easter she came and put plastic eggs all over my front yard.  I didn't find out for YEARS that she did it!!!  I loved her then and will continue to love her always. 

    Toni Burns

  • Sheila Murphy

    on 07/15/17

    I will miss my dear friend every day.  She fought cancer with great bravery and dignity.  She loved her family and her large circle of friends, her extended family.  She loved children, hard working teachers and administrators, red licorice and little white fluffy dogs.  I will never forget her faith in God as she faced her own mortality.  Rest with the angels, Margo.

    Sheila Murphy

  • Rose Beaman

    on 08/02/17

    I will miss you dearly my good friend.  Our fun and laughter when we were together.....especially at dinners and the games we played......will never be forgotten and will always be cherished.  God needed a caretaker angel to children and he called you.  You made a huge difference in this world and the good that you have done will be continued on with those that were honored to call you friend and teacher.  

    May your memories hold your family close to you.  Love you.............

  • Dee Allen

    on 10/17/17

    I am so sorry to hear of he passing of Margo.  May her memories and love comfort you until you are togeher again. John 5:28,29

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