Mervin F. Ashman - 88

1/5/1930 - 4/15/2018

New Milford, Illinois


  • rickey ashman

    1 week ago

    Love you big brother

  • Marilyn Cook

    1 week ago

    To my sister, Edna, and her family,

    So sorry!

    Thinking of you at this very sad time.  I hope that the strength of your family and friends will help you to celebrate a wonderful life - a life well lived!  There are no words to ease the pain of loss but to know that others care.  Mervin leaves a rich legacy, unfailing in his devotion to his family, strength of character, compassion and work ethic.  An honest, hard working man, he was always willing to lend a helping hand.   Most recently, an inspiration to us all, he accepted his illness with grace.  A pleasure to know him, he will be missed.

    On this day, the caption on our parents' headstone comes to mind-

    "To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die".

    Regrettably, I am not able to be there in person but I will be thinking of you in the days to come, especially on Friday when you will lay your loved one to rest.

    I will be in touch soon.

    Love and best wishes, always,

    Marilyn and family

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