Rose A. Benhoff - 90

10/22/1927 - 1/3/2018

Rockford, Illinois


  • Eric Carlson

    on 01/09/18

    Rose was a good woman and a good mother.  Her first marriage was to my father, Robert K. Carlson (1924-2015).  Although she was not my mother, I got to know her a bit these last few years, and came to know she was a special lady.  I learned to love her.  I give my condolences and deepest sympathy to my sisters who are mourning the loss of their mother and my nieces and nephew, who will miss their grandmother. - Eric  

  • Thim Harris

    on 01/19/18

    Memories Live Forever


    It’s hard to say good-bye to someone that you love,

    Although you know they’re safe with Jesus up above.


    It doesn't make a difference, they’re in their later years.

    It only means more memories to carry through the tears.


    Don’t let your selves forget, we each have numbered days.

    For reason that we do not know God wanted it this way.


    Tears wash away the pain, but it can’t remove the love.

    The memories lives forever safe in God hands above.

    So today we give thanks for the lives we chance to share.

    No matter if they’re short or long.

    God always will be there.



    In memory


    Rose A. Benhoff

    January 1/11/2018

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