Barbara K. Schafer - 71

6/27/1946 - 11/27/2017

Winnebago, Illinois


  • Miranda Kopecky

    2 weeks ago

    May Barb Rest In Peace. I will always remember her generous, selfless heart and fierce love for her family. Sending strength and love to those closest to Barb. May you cherish in her beautiful memory forevermore. Xo

  • Brenda Cavallo

    2 weeks ago

    I feel honored and blessed to have had her in my life all these years. She was the epitome of a true friend. She was my champion, cheerleader and confidante. She could always put a spin on things that would send us both into fits and squeals of laughter and always held me accountable and to high standards. I will miss her. Greatly and for my whole life. I love you my friend. Thank you for all you gave to my life. 

  • The Pursel Family

    1 week, 6 days ago

    "Grieve not,
    Nor speak of me with tears,
    But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there...
    ‘twas heaven here with you."

    Isla Paschal Richardson 

    We will never forget Barb and her wonderful spirit. We pray for peace for her family and friends. 

  • Jackson Family

    1 week, 4 days ago

    we would like to express our deepest sympathy. May all your good memories out weigh your sadness during this difficult time.

    Isaiah 25:8

  • Beth Leitter

    4 days, 9 hours ago

    We worked together, laughed together, and you took me and many other teenagers under your wing. You are gracious, kind, supportive, and a beautiful soul. All good memories you've left me with. Thank you for helping me become the Woman I am. You are perfect now, and in our Father's presence. May our Father bring peace to your friends and family. Love you, Beth
  • Lisa Leitter

    1 day, 6 hours ago

     Barb was one of the kindest, most loyal, selfless human beings I've ever known.  She was a true friend to me all of my life, and to anyone who was fortunate to have her love and friendship in their life.  She was tirelessly devoted to her children in ways they may not have know, but surely felt.  She was in my wedding and stood by me through thick and thin, always, as my other dear friend Brenda pointed out, with a sense of humor and honesty that gave you both courage and wisdom to carry on.  She helped any and anyone who needed shelter, kindness, support, a meal, or a roof over their head.  She tirelessly cared for her mother and our dear friend Kris Biesler Waldsmith through their battles with cancer, always hiding her pain, quietly so not to hurt anyone else who might be suffering.  She was an inspiration to me.  One of the finest human beings one could meet.  And she, like so many truly good people, did so quietly without seeking attention or ever aware of her gift to others.  I once told her how her example shaped my life to give to others and strengthened me, and she was surprised, never realizing the impact she had on the world.  I last spoke to her last Mother's Day.  I will miss her all the days of my life....dear Sarah, Paula, and Michael, my heart breaks for you.  God Bless your Mother's sweet soul.  Email me,  All my love.  Lisa A. Leitter

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