Robert W. Johnson - 97

11/2/1920 - 5/7/2018

Loves Park, Illinois


  • Tarah Thompson

    on 05/09/18

    My dear Uncle Bob had a birthday a day after mine which meant he never forgot me - we are 56 years apart! I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful Great Uncle. He and Auntie Rose were the kindest and most interesting people you could ever meet. As a younger person, he played with us: taking us for rides on the tractor and, one time, he even let me draw tic-tac-toe on his bald head - that was a funny one! When I got a little bit older, I would enjoy hearing about the day trips they would take with other seniors. I'm so glad he got to meet my daughter, Brooklyn; they both took quite a liking to her. I really thought he'd make it to be a centurion but either way, he was my treasured time piece and I will miss him dearly. Love ya Uncle Bob!
  • Sue Custer

    on 05/10/18

    Bob and Rosalie were such great volunteers.   I was in charge of the bulk mailings for the Catholic Women's League.  Every time one was scheduled they were the first to arrive, and so pleasant to be around.  If the mailing was just a postcard to be labeled, only 500 or so, I would drop them at their house and they would have them ready for me the next day.  

    It is good to picture him back with Rosie, receiving his heavenly reward!   

  • Phyllis A Hagemann

    on 05/10/18

    Thinking of the family of Bob's since I read the paper.  Barb Leary and myself enjoyed many mini trips with Bob and Rosalie, plus lunches as often as we could.  Lots of great memories shared with Bob and Rosalie.. Phyllis Hagemann

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