Merry Jean Osborne - 58

11/21/1959 - 12/13/2017

Rockford, Illinois


  • Monica Murillo

    on 12/20/17

    I love you Aunt Merry <3 May you be at peace now. Love Miko
  • Marie Hopkins

    on 01/05/18

    I was Merry's 5th grade reading teacher many years ago at Monroe Center Grade School.   She was very dear to me.--a little girl who was not only a student, but a friend.    I remember Merrie not seeming interested at all in reading at the beginning of that year and becoming quite interested in reading.      I have thought of her many, many times through the years, especially just recently..  I was surprised and saddened to see her death notice in the section of the Rockford Register Star today that a friend passed on to me. My love and sympathy to those of you who were dear to her.  I am hopeful that one day we will meet again in the presence of Jesus.   

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